About Us

Luxury at a moment’s notice

MA BENZ was born from a personal dedication to both luxury cars and excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with maximum comfort. We provide luxury cars, and we do so while fulfilling each of your demands with the greatest attention to detail, to create a truly unique experience, which is the core of our vision.

“We have a passion for what we do,
a dream to offer all our clients a true experience of comfort.”

We offer you control from the beginning.

You can request your book by using our contact form where you can ask for price and availiability or simply request a call back at your earliest convenience. No commitments. We then get in contact with you directly to arrange the service.

The decision is yours.

You can choose and arrange your booking exactly how you want. From the most comfortable airport transfer to more specific events, where every detail will be important.

We offer a selected range of luxury vehicles, professional drivers, and all-inclusive services, that can be hired quickly and conveniently so you can take your luxury with you, wherever you go.

We communicate with our clients to find out exactly what they expect from us in order to deliver it with excellence.

Looking for more?

We offer extended packages that maintain all your preferences on our system and unlock special beneifts and discounted rates through our Membership subscriptions.